Reminiscing – how cool is it when you can reminisce with someone….

You know those really good friends?

Those great friends you may have from childhood or high school or even college that know stories. Good stories, bad stories…indifferent.

Those are the friends I am talking about.

I LOVE seeing old friends that know a chapter of my life, that can reminisce and laugh about silly things that have happened, adventures once taken, or events that took place.

Memories are a bond that link you together for life… if you let them.

I run into these friends when I go back to my hometown, a friend has a wedding or maybe a "chance" encounter in a new town (Philip that means you).

And of course there is the infamous Facebook… I have heard more people say that the reason they love Facebook so much is because they get to see what old friends are up to and keep in touch after YEARS of no communication.

I love it too!!!

The whole thing that got me started on this idea was that I made it back home recently and got to see some close friends from years past.

And yes, we’ve changed.
And yes, we live different lives.
And yes, many events have occurred between then and now.

But we were able to reminisce… and laugh… and remember.


And it got me to thinking…. God know everything about me. He knows everything about my past, all the stories, the adventures and the events. So we started reminiscing….

“Hey God remember when you provided in a BIG way for me….. remember when I thought I was lost and never going to have it figured out and then you showed me…. remember when you spoke to me through that beautiful starry night and showed me how much you loved me and cared for me….. remember??”

Of course you do! You’re GOD!! ☺ HAHA

It’s me who needs to take the time to remember how He’s always been there, how He loves more than I can comprehend, and how I know who I am because of Him.☺


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