Hello Everybody Well, for those of you brave enough to trek out to Immersion tonight - THANK YOU. Hopefully you got your fill of Christmas cookies and paper boxes!  

If you weren't able to join us tonight and you bought items for the Christmas Hope box, you can still drop them off! We'll be accepting items on Monday, December 22nd at Lutheran Church of Hope. Just bring them by the church and drop them off at the office and we will put them in boxes and take them to the right place! If you're wondering what you can still bring, or just feel like bringing more stuff, here's a list:  

Christmas Hope Box gift list: 
· New bath towel and wash cloth 
· Large can of beef stew · Bible 
· Body Wash 
· Large can of chicken chunky noodle soup 
· Box of Saltine Crackers 
· Tooth paste 
· 4 pack of toilet paper 
· Two cans of green beans 
· Can opener 
· Laundry detergent (please place in plastic sack to prevent spills) 
· Two large cans tuna or chicken  

Hope you're all well. Stay safe and warm! See you on Monday if you have gift items to bring. Don't forget, no Immersion on Christmas Day - Merry Christmas!  




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