I knew the economy was bad.
I knew it was all over the news.
I knew it was affecting a lot of people.

But I didn’t personally KNOW anyone who had been let go…

...until last week.

And what a time to lose your job, I mean I can’t imagine the heartache going on in some family's lives at this time.

So I am aware more than I was.

Aware that people need help, and I need to be thankful for all that I have.

People (I myself included) are getting the sense that they are no longer in control.

They can’t control the economy.
They can’t control their job.
They can’t control their future.

It’s a scary thing to realize – especially if you thought you were in control (which we all know ultimately no one is in control except for God).

But I am also a believer that this doesn’t mean you should just sit back and let life happen, have the pieces fall as they may, so to speak.

There needs to be a balance and perspective.

You can’t control the current but you can paddle the boat.

So I pray that we as a country and also as a body of Christ learn from the past, learn from the present and paddle our boat accordingly. I pray for the lives that have been negatively affected and that the church pulls through in a big way and people see God working.

I pray that God would give me eyes to see what is important in life.

I pray for the release of fear.

I pray for hope.


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