Immersion Devotion : Week of 09.25.06

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Immersion’s mission is to reach out to young adults with the love of Christ in a culturally relevant way.”

It’s true, our generation isn’t really big on “mission statements” per se, but we can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater either.

Immersion has a mission statement. Did you know that? It’s the quote for this week and you’re going to be seeing it and hearing it a lot more often at Immersion. We think it’s important that we know what our goal is (reaching out with the love of Christ) and who that goal is set for (young adults.) It’s the difference between the fluorescent overhead lights in your office building and a high-powered laser beam that cuts tumors out of cancer patients. They both provide light, but one is infinitely more focused on the task at hand.

That’s what we want to do at Immersion: focus. Focus our thoughts, hearts, and spirits on the person of Jesus Christ, as well as focus our efforts to expand God’s Kingdom on the young adult generation of this city we love, the beautiful city of Des Moines.

So what do you say? Are you ready to focus? Are you ready to take the mission that God has charged Immersion with to the streets? Are you ready to reach out with the love of Jesus in a way that meets people around you where they’re at? That impacts those around you in a way that integrates who Jesus is into their lives, like a missing piece of a puzzle?

Get ready. Let’s focus.

Prayer for the week: God, make this generation one that is defined and refined by Your love for us. Help us to focus our strength and soul on who Your Son Jesus is and what He wants to do in our lives so we can go and be your ambassadors in this city in a culturally relevant way. You are good, we want to be good by the power of Your Spirit. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Immersion Devotion : Week of 09.18.06

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "Live one step out of comfortable." Bill Johnson, Preacher.

I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if I lived consistently outside my comfort zone. What if I really stepped out of my fear and did things I often shy away from? What would it be like if we all did? I imagine life would be extremely interesting and exciting... extraordinary in fact. Let's face it, most of us find security in a comfortable life... In our jobs, homes, relationships, having food to eat and a car to drive, surrounding ourselves with those that are similar to us, etc. While all of these things are good and there is nothing wrong with them, God wants so much more for us.

God isn't interested in our comfort and in what makes us happy but rather in His purposes and in making us holy. He longs to give us abundant life (John 10:10), which comes as we rely completely on Jesus and abandon our lives to the Holy Spirit. He desires us to trust Him to meet our every need and allow Him to do what He says He is going to do. While He doesn't promise comfort, God does promise to give us more than we can ask for or imagine (Eph 3:20) if we seek His kingdom first and walk in obedience to Him. I believe He is looking for those who are willing to accept His invitation to give up ordinary for extraordinary and truly live. Are you willing?

Prayer for the week: Holy Spirit, open our minds and hearts this week to living outside of our comfort zones. Strip down the fears we have that keep us from the abundant life You desire us to live. Give us a desperate hunger for You Jesus and the courage to begin taking steps, even baby ones, towards extraordinary life. May we continue to seek You in the journey of fulfilling our destinies. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Immersion Worship Blog : 09.14.06

What “earthly” treasure do you need to stop “storing up?”

What “kingdom” treasure might God be wanting to give you?

1. Simply read the questions
2. Press the "Comments" link below this post
3. Write and respond as the Spirit leads you
4. When you are done writing, press "post" and you're done (you can either leave a name to post by or you can remain anonymous - the choice is yours.)

Immersion Devotion : Week of 09.11.06

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Don’t worry about a thing/Every little thing is gonna be alright.” Bob Marley, Musician and Activist.

It’s simple, really. Once you let Jesus speak to your soul, letting Him tell you that He has conquered your death, that He has “healed your diseases” and “taken your infirmities,” (Matthew 8:17), things start to change in your life. Things that frightened you before lose their power in your life: “What am I going to do for money?” “When am I going to get a husband/wife?” “What if that important person in my life dies? Then what?”

Jesus speaks to the face of these fears and, like when He commanded the churning waves around the disciples’ boat to be still, breathes into those places with His courage, His strength and His grace. So the question isn’t, “Where is God?” The question is now, “Will I let Him in to do what He promises to do?”

Prayer for the week: Holy Comforter, will you speak to us at Immersion? Especially in those places where we are worried or scared – will you help us to understand that You don’t promise a perfect life, but You do promise to hold our hand through it all. So, draw us out from the places in our life where we might be hiding under the covers and enable us to let our light shine before all people, so that You might get glory in heaven. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Immersion Devotion : Week of 09.04.06

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “No matter how slow the film, the Spirit always stands still long enough for the photographer It has chosen.” Minor White, American Photographer.

I think I love this quote because it echoes a theme of Scripture that is undeniably apparent – GOD promised to reveal Himself to every living being on the planet. Paul says in Romans that nature, creation itself reveals God’s character and goodness. It’s not the fact that God doesn’t want people to know Him, trust Him, love Him, and spend eternity apart from Him (a.k.a. Hell,) It’s that sometimes, we don’t want to see Him.

Prayer for the week: Loving Father, may we continually seek out Your presence and be amazed at your beauty in every inch of our lives. Send your Holy Spirit to open up our eyes, ears, heart and mind to your constant presence around us, around every corner and under every rock. We live and breathe because you let us. Thank you for revealing Yourself fully through Your Son, Jesus the Christ. You are good and we at Immersion love You. Amen.