Immersion Devotion : Week of 07.24.06

“Why blame the dark for being dark? It is far more helpful to ask why the light is not as bright as it should be.” Rob Bell, Pastor and Author

Make no mistake about it Immersion, we face a very real enemy as children of God. The Evil One, whose name means “accuser,” looks to steal, kill, and destroy everything in our lives that emanates from the hand of our Father. But we posses something that the accuser will never ever have – the Light and Life of Jesus the Christ, the Re-deemer of our souls. His Light in us blinds the work of the evil one, so much so that Scripture says that those who belong to Jesus will “never be snatched” from the Father’s hand – the evil one cannot lay hold of us! Praise be to God for the Son!

Prayer for the week: GOD, will you protect me. Teach me to see the work of the evil one in my life and then send Your angels to pour out the light and life of Jesus straight into my innermost being – that I may continue to destroy the works of the enemy, just like you did! I thank you for your sacrifices, Jesus. In Your name, Amen.