Immersion Staff UPDATE: Where's the snow, yo?

Hey errrbody. Some things I've been pondering this 13-days before Christmas:

theMILL: Last week with Mitch's talk was my first week back to Immersion after being gone for two weeks. Reason being? My wife and I, Christine and her husband, Michael (a.k.a. Megs) went to Colorado Springs, CO to check out New Life Church and their Immersion-like ministry, theMILL. Here's some pics:

The Wises' at Navigators Headquarters.
Flipping out in our ride for the weekend.

A sweet tree.

12 hours + 1 minivan + 6 people = this.

The burrito line at Chipotle.

It was a great time. We learned a lot of stuff, met a lot of great people, and are excited to being some GOD-breathed principles to Immersion. PS - you have GOT to check out what they do for announcements - "The Friday Night Show." They're produced by theMILL's creative pastor, Joe Kirkendall. He's a genius!

TV Shows: My wife and I don't have cable. I put up a little fuss when we first got married, but then I quickly acquiesced after seeing that I had 0% chance of convincing Kerry otherwise. Truthfully, it's been great. Aside from missing a few Hawkeye games (and with the way Tate was playing towards the end of the season, who cares?!) and not being able to watch the budgetary meeting of the Canadian national parliament on C-SPAN, I really haven't missed it. All that to say, we've found some pretty wicked shows to watch on iTunes & DVD. Lost, The Office, and coming in January, 24, are some of our favorites. Which, if you consider the argument made above, is pretty ironic since all of those shows are on one of the major netwrrrrks that you "don't gotta pay nothin'" for. What are some of the shows you all are caught up in?

Invite: Kind of like the endless amounts of e-vites that seem to head our way this time of year, Jesus likes to be invited. As I'm going through my day, and after reading "Streams of Living Water" by Richard Foster for a class I'm in at Bethel, I find myself inviting the Spirit of Jesus into every moment I can. Eating a cookie, typing an e-mail, when I get anxious or depressed, I always try and ask Him in. It makes for quite the holy moment. Not fixed, not, what author Anne Lamott likes to call, "Okay," but holy. This should be our continuous mindset.

Okay gang, that's about all I got runnin' through my mind right now. What about you? What's God got boiling in your brain this season? Hopefully we'll get some snow soon. That always sets the holiday mood for me.


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  1. Jared said...
    I don't have cable ether. Good shows you dont need cable for: The Simpsons, King of Queens, and anything on IPTV. I also listen to a lot of great podcast.

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