Immersion Devotion: Week of 12.25.06

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face…." Paul the Apostle.

We are a capturing people—trapping moments in time like little photographers of life. Our minds possessing point-in-time memories of things realized, viewed, experienced, etc. What we capture, we often remember.

But God, who is outside of time, sees everything as one big eternal “now.” From his eternal Alpha and Omega vantage point, He has given us some point-in-time snapshots also, only of the future, not to remember but to hope in, one of these being the promise of meeting Him face to face! In theological terms, this is referred to as the Beatific Vision, the life altering moment when the Creator of the universe looks upon us, his creation, as we peer into Him. What does this moment look like to you? How does it feel? Take a moment to capture in your imagination the Beatific Vision.

For me the Vision is the treasure, the moment I long for. How do I describe such anticipation? Everyday I wait and everyday I get closer. I am anxious to meet my maker. My maker is my lover. My lover is God who I have known and adored and served and shared life with since the moment He silenced the noises of the world and spoke to me about a relationship with Himself. He is the One who has left me love messages in sunsets and massages in the sounds of waves crashing into the shore. He is the One who sat with me, held my hand, and placed His hand on my shoulder as I cried through the pains in my soul. In this moment, the culmination of my God-story meets the author and face-to-face He looks upon me with eyes I have never seen before, with eyes for which my memories have no familiarity, no prior experience, because I have gazed upon the beauty of the Lord. I have looked into eyes of pure love. I am eternally changed and desire to sin no more.

Prayer for the week: God of Love, create in us a clean heart and renew a right and steadfast spirit within us at Immersion that we may engage in our eternal love song with You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    I love reading the weekly devotionals, and find hope in them. When you write "trapping moments in time like little photographers of life. Our minds possessing point-in-time memories of things realized, viewed, experienced,etc. What we capture, we often remember.", I am stuck here because I allow the pain of the past to define me, the memories of abuse to flash before my eyes. I know others struggle with bad memories and trying to let God's light shine through and think through to the end when we will meet Him seems impossible and so far away. When we long for protection and all we see and did experience was invasion and pain. I do long for the peace I will find when I meet my maker and when I can ask him the hard questions that no one has a satisfying answer for. My heart longs to know those answers now, and the small voice says "Wait" there is more to this story.

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