Immersion Devotion: Week of 12.03.06

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "Nothing is so much to be feared as fear." Henry David Thoreau

This really struck me. It made me think about all the things I fear. It also made me realize how much easier it can be to live in a place of fear rather than faith. To the degree we are living in fear, we are separated from the fullness of our Father's love. I don't want any of us to stay in that place.

Did you know the most repeated command in scripture is "Do not be afraid"? Check out Mark 5:36 for example.

I believe God wants us to get real with Him and lay out all of our fears before Him. And I mean all of them, even the little ones we think are petty. He longs to release us from our fears into a place of quiet confidence in His love.

Prayer for the week: Lord, we boldly ask you to meet us in the midst of the fears in our lives. We admit they exist and we want to move on from them. We desire the freedom that comes from placing all security and trust in you, mighty one. Thank you in advance for doing what only you can do. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Devotion written by Nicole Wendl


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