Immersion Devotion : Week of 09.04.06

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “No matter how slow the film, the Spirit always stands still long enough for the photographer It has chosen.” Minor White, American Photographer.

I think I love this quote because it echoes a theme of Scripture that is undeniably apparent – GOD promised to reveal Himself to every living being on the planet. Paul says in Romans that nature, creation itself reveals God’s character and goodness. It’s not the fact that God doesn’t want people to know Him, trust Him, love Him, and spend eternity apart from Him (a.k.a. Hell,) It’s that sometimes, we don’t want to see Him.

Prayer for the week: Loving Father, may we continually seek out Your presence and be amazed at your beauty in every inch of our lives. Send your Holy Spirit to open up our eyes, ears, heart and mind to your constant presence around us, around every corner and under every rock. We live and breathe because you let us. Thank you for revealing Yourself fully through Your Son, Jesus the Christ. You are good and we at Immersion love You. Amen.


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