Immersion Staff UPDATE: Blogging Bethel (v.2)

This week has been a lot of fun - to quote a bearded friend of mine, "it has been intellectually satisfying."  I've been learning about quantum physics, the chaos theory, entanglement theory, teleportation and its role in the Bible (!!!).

God is opening my mind to the immense creative potential that indwells all of us and how the reality of the universe is so amazingly complex and literally wonderful.  The universe is alive and is held together in the person of Jesus - that is why it is alive.  The scientific community is even beginning to grasp this on a micro-molecular level.  Simply fascinating.  We'll probably do a series on science or something like that... Way cool.

Here's some more pics:

Morning stop.

Walk to class.

Sledding down a hill.

After I took this picture, this girl hit her face on a tree.  She's okay, but has an egg-sized knot on her temple.  We stopped sledding after that.

The happy seminarian.


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