Immersion Staff UPDATE: 04.09.07

Yes yes. Happy Easter everyone. Jesus got up. Hallelujah.

Haven't talked to you all in quite some time, sorry for that. Immersion is going through an amazing and fun and exciting bunch of changes. I'm excited to reveal these to you all in the weeks ahead (7:37.) What do you think? Are you in the mood for some changes? We are... (7:37)

We start a new sermon series this week - The Office. It's based off of the TV show on NBC with the same name and it will be a look into the Christian's life in the workplace. I' m a little nervous about it, as this is the first series that I've planned entirely on my own. We'll use biblical truths merged with clips from the show to, hopefully, give us a better understanding of how we bring our relationship with God into the workplace... Wherever that may be.

Anyhow... Good to connect with you. Hope to see you Thursday for the big night (7:37)



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