Immersion Staff UPDATE: New Year's Resolutions

Have any of you made resolutions for 2007?

I'm realizing that resolutions tend to self-improvement. WE want to "lose weight, read more books for fun, spend time with family, travel, exercise more, be on time, be generous, etc." WE decide we're going to do these things and set out boldly on Jan. 1st only to give up, fail or fall over from exhaustion after two weeks.

I'm wondering if our whole perspective on resolutions needs a shift.

What if we let God decide what to "change" in us? What if we let Him do the work?

It seems that a God-change would be more tailored to our personality (how can a person lacking attention to detail suddenly become hyper-organized?) and tailored to our season of life (how can we vow to spend more time with family if they all live more than 500 miles away?).

It also seems that a God-change would be more sustaining. I know I can set off to exercise every day and eat right and do that for awhile. But I, in my own strength, can't endure. I need Christ to give me strength (Phil. 4:13). He needs to motivate me and give me cravings for fruits and vegetables. If it were left up to me, I'd eat pizza every day.

So you might ask, "Christine, I have to do SOMETHING! What's my part?"

I believe, as in all things, God doesn't look for ability. He wants availability. All He asks is for us to open ourselves up to His change. It sounds simple enough, but it can be a tough decision when His changes start to bump up against what WE want to do or what WE want to eat or what WE want to keep holding on to. That's when OUR part kicks in - surrender.

And this might need to happen every day. Or every hour. Or minute.

But, I'm guessing that God-changes will be the kind that last. They'll be the ones that make a difference in our lives and the lives of others. And, they'll probably be the ones that happen without our noticing. We look back at the end of 2007 and realize some of the cool things God has done in us.

So, rather than set off in 2007 with a big list of what WE want to accomplish. How about we surrender? And plan to take a look back at 2007 come Dec. 31. A shift from resolutions to revelation.

Blessings - Christine


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