An Adventure!

(Before I begin, let me just say that my thoughts below may not be entirely correct so I look forward to feedback either way.)

The past several weeks have been quite a journey for me in my spiritual walk with my Savior and my God. I literally drove 3,750 miles on a 3 week road trip designed to get me out of my normal routine so I could focus on what God’s plans and purposes are for my life. During the trip God and I talked about and wrestled over several questions I have about my life.

What is my calling? What is God’s will for my life? Am I in the right place? Do I need to stay or do I need to move? Who am I supposed to love? Is my girlfriend the “one”? Does God desire to bless me? Does God really have a dream for my life beyond what I could ever think or imagine?

Twenty one days with over 50 hours in a quiet car and I can tell you I really don’t think I am any closer to knowing answers to those questions now than before I left. Am I frustrated or disappointed? Absolutely not.

God didn’t give me the answers, but I did learn one really big lesson: a life of following Christ and living in God’s will is meant to be an adventure. It does not guarantee certainty and is more likely to be a life of uncertainty.

It seems too often I think that following Christ or living in God’s will for my life means I will know all the answers to my questions. The reality is God wants me to move forward in what I do know while trusting Him to take care of the rest. I do know I am called to love God and love others. Really that is all I know and basically, beyond that, it’s in God’s hands. It sounds rather pathetic at first but that is the real exciting part!

In the world of uncertainty comes a divine adventure with the God of this universe who is infinitely creative and good.

It is so easy for me to put false security in my own strength, my own abilities, my own determination when I think God calls me out of what is certain into what is uncertain. As this happens, I cannot rely on myself and I truly need to have trust and faith in Him. I realized I desire to witness miracles in my life but I never put myself in a context for them. I never let go of my own security to utterly and completely put my security into the hands of God. It’s almost like how can God perform a miracle if I never give Him the chance.

One of my main prayers over the past several weeks was that God would turn my world upside down as I put everything I hold dear into His hands. This was not easy to pray or do. I gave Him my career aspirations, I gave Him my dreams, I gave Him the love I have for my girlfriend and gave Him many other things. Again, it was not easy.

I truly felt like I imagine Abraham felt when God told him to go but did not give him a direction or did not tell him where to go. Can you imagine what that would have been like? Talk about a life of uncertainty. How did he do it?

I believe he trusted that God loved Him God and would take care of Him. In the end, that is all I can do as that God loves me and will take care of me like He promises. I am sure this will be a lifelong learning process but to say the least, I have witnessed a few miracles in my life the past few weeks.

In short, I now try to take each day for what it truly adventure.


  1. Luke Brown said...
    You know, I often joke that one day, if I'm a parent and my kid tries to stick a fork in a light socket, that I'll let him. Not because I think it'd be funny to watch a toddler get the crap scared out of him (although, it might be), but because part of me believes that if I always stop him, he'll never learn.

    I think that's one thing we often miss out on in American culture: a chance to fail. Everything we do is controlled and safe. We have medicine for almost anything, we have finely-calibrated schedules, and heck, a kid can get kicked out of school for bringing a squirt gun to class.

    As such, I've heard it said that our prayers are often prayers of deliverance. "God, end this for me." or "God, help me attain this goal." To contrast, in other cultures, they may pray for a stronger will to tolerate what they're going through, because they know that the uncertainty and the pain are making them stronger in the end.

    Anyway, yea... hang in there man. Take things in stride a bit, and see what happens. Maybe you'll screw up, maybe you'll be thrilled or surprised. Who knows?

    Not us! :)
    Elly said...
    I have found that this time in my life (post-college, pre-"career", pre-marriage, etc.) is definitely a time of uncertainty. Yet, like you said, it is all about trusting in God's will. Sometimes it is incredibly difficult and it seems that even though we are seeking, knocking, and asking, there is no immediate answer. Something I've learned over the past few years is that when I want God to reveal the answers, He usually waits to show them. It has been in the uncertainty and waiting that He draws me closer to His heart and deepens my trust in His will. Answers do come sooner than we think, albeit longer than we may wish.

    Thank you for your post, Phil. I'm glad you could take the trip. Blessings.

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