Busy "Be"

This week at Immersion we'll be hosting, "Quiet Night." What is "quiet night," you might ask? It's a night dedicated to being still. To slowing down. To resting. To listening. To "being."

Is it hard for you to "just be"? It can be for me. I like to be busy. I like to have things on the calendar. I'm very social and being around people fills me up. I like to be "busy as a bee."

But, when does busyness becomes a distraction? When does it become avoidance?

A few years ago, my husband went on a 40-day silence fast. That's right....he didn't talk for 40 days. Not for work. Not with friends. Not even to order a hamburger at the drive-thru.

Armed with a small notepad for emergencies, he spent 40 days in silence. His goal was to become more still. He goal was to learn how to be a better listener. And it worked.

But, I tell you, he wasn't the only one learning the lessons. After the first 48 hours, I thought I'd go insane. I was alone with my thoughts and it wasn't a pretty picture. All that I could avoid by keeping busy or turning up the volume, screamed at me through the silence.

Quiet and stillness are refreshment for our spirits. They allow God's voice to breakthrough the busyness and volume of life. He gets our ears. He gets our attention. He gets our hearts.

Will you join us on Thursday as we quiet down and listen. As we rest. As we meet Him in the still, small whisper?

See you there.

- Christine

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