Immersion Staff UPDATE: Both/And

God's really been frying my face lately. Or, as Tim Denner calls it, God's been "giving me a face-melter."

As we've been walking through this Malachi series, I've really been burdened with the fact that a lot of times, my life doesn't really look all that different from someone who doesn't follow Jesus. I want you to know something - the stuff we talk about from up front, we're not worth our salt if it doesn't, at one point or another, affect us in some way, shape, or Form. That'd be what we call "hypocrisy," and, frankly, there's been enough of that in the Body of Christ. I'm sick of blending in with the world when all I want to do is live a life that reflects Jesus in every way. Contrast that with the fact that I don't want to be so irrelevant to those around me that the love of Jesus gets lost in the simple fact that I'm... well... weird to everyone else. Simply put, I've divorced my "normal" life (i.e. 9-5 life) from my "Jesus" life. Those are two things that ought not be separated, and I want to let Jesus piece them back together again.

I was overwhelmed with how many of you felt like you had divorced things in your life that belonged together. Here is what some of you said last Thursday night:

"Literally not spending time with you."

"El trabajo, las relaciones con amigos y novios"

"Cutting others down either verbally or in my head"


Doubting You"


"Drug use"

"Trust... Trusting You... I don't trust You but want to..."

"I've divorced you from my ministry"

"I need to love you by my actions, not just my words"

"Living for what people expect of me and not You"

"Not loving those who need love"

"Given my heart to an unbeliever"

So, a lot of us are all in the same boat... Good to know, eh? So, where is this all hitting you? What has GOD been stirring in your life over this?

GOD's peace and protection to you up your journey....



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